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Good News_Paris Press Day was so stunning#Parisart

Lavven Press Day at Paris_Art is First

14th Jan 2020 Lavven is built as platform of collaborating artists, designers and manufactory to create functional artworks by up-cycling concept at Paris 14th Jan, 2020. Our members are various from different background who is fan of arts. Lavven is trying to blur the boundary between the art and design, 2019 we crossed the countries and culture to invite British designer Michael Young to collaborate with Chinese James Lee to create an Artwork: Per Se, then manufactured at Turkey Porcelain studio. We invited porcelain artist Zhang Jing Jing to crossover with boutique furniture designer Zhou Zhiqiang to create a porcelain table by up cycling concept, it will have more editions like book shelf and screen in 2020. Furthermore Lavven create Tao Yuanming lamp with porcelain fixed artist Ikkyu san, who specialise in fixing broken porcelain by traditional skills. Three series of porcelain creation all come from China to have new vision to up cycle porcelain.  In 2020, Lavven is to start new adventure to invite 10 artists of living and 10 manufactories to cross over with 10 designers to create something out of imagination. We say: Art is first, because art comes from our life as new born baby. Art is love but can be with functions. Love can be seen and feel, why not Art? Lavven is trying to define the new vision of functional art.  The organisation of Lavven in China is APCC- Asia and Pacific Co-creation Community, APCC will continue to collaborate with designers, artists and manufactories from China to the world. We would encourage artists to think about function, manufactories to consider about art. The Press Day of Lavven at Paris has gained global highlight and concern on up cycling artworks of porcelain, and high light artists and manufactures from China to see traditional but new vision of art. Our next destination will be in NYC and Shanghai.  亞太共創社巴黎發佈會_藝術先行 2020年1月14日,亞太共創社宣布於巴黎成立,由藝術家,設計師和製造業聯合共創的平台,致力於通過材料再造完成藝術品訂製。站在世界藝術之巔的城市,發布日當天來自巴黎設計界和藝術收藏界的社會名流和媒體,親臨會場感受來自中國的瓷再生的3個系列的展品,參展藝術品打破了藝術和設計的邊界,融合了不同的國度和文化,整合成新的藝術產品:第一件藝術品是英國產品設計師和中國設計師李昱的【尊】,頭部由山水圖案刻畫的瓷畫,雕刻出立體的神秘感,再造出東方的美。第二件展品是由中國瓷藝術家張婧婧和家具製造商周志強共同創作,引起對於過去瓷家具的思考,家具的台面由藝術家富有創意的抽象畫再現藝術,周志強創作了家具完美的曲線造型。第三件藝術品是陶淵明燈具,陶瓷修復師一休姐擅長於金繕修復,黃志超先生通過收集破損的瓷碗,成功合作完成了燈具的再造。讓世界看見中國的原創與再造,是當今的主題。 2020年,亞太共創社將開始新的挑戰,邀請10位生活藝術家,10位不同製造業,共同開始藝術先行的共創。藝術應該是被看見,被感知,應該被重新定義為功能藝術。亞太共創社的發布會得到了巴黎藝術界對於中國再生瓷的關注,讓世界看到的不只是中國額歷史,而且是新的藝術視野。亞太共創社的下一站是紐約和上海,我們將看到更多的功能藝術品再生。

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